Can You Clean a Microwave Charcoal Filter?

Microwave Oven

All kitchens in our new community’s houses in Lewes, Delaware, have an above range microwave. Like most people, I wasn’t aware that my microwave has a charcoal filter in addition to grease filters. I know that maintaining the filters clean is critical to your food quality and how long your microwave lasts. I also know … Read more

Why Every Home Needs a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Fire fighter

Carbon monoxide, known as a “silent killer,” is a gas produced by numerous appliances found in almost every home. Every year, hundreds of people suffer from poisoning that sometimes results in death or severe health problems. Every home needs a carbon monoxide detector because having one is the only way to protect yourself from this … Read more

Pros and Cons of Gas Vs Electric Ranges

Kitchen Range

Whether you are completely remodeling your kitchen or replacing a few old appliances, you will have to decide what type of range to buy. Both electric and gas ranges have their pros and cons, and choosing such an essential piece of equipment deserves some research. Gas ranges are cheaper to operate than electric because gas … Read more