Why is My GFCI Outlet Not Working?

Outlet with plug

In addition to being useful, GFCI outlets are mandatory to have in areas of the house where electric shocks are possible. You may notice that your GFCI outlets are not working, especially if you recently moved into a new house. Calling a professional electrician can be expensive, so you can troubleshoot the problem before you … Read more

Why Is My Smoke Alarm Beeping or Chirping Intermittently?

Why is my smoke alarm beeping or chirping intermittently? -Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms are priceless when it comes to our home safety. Unfortunately, sometimes they beep or chirp for no apparent reason. Being able to recognize those sounds and resolve the problem is extremely important. Beeping and chirping can be caused by an improper battery or power installation, dust in the sensing chamber, or malfunctioning alarm. … Read more