12 Critical Maintenance Skills Every Homeowner Should Have

Home Maintenance

If you are a homeowner, home maintenance is your responsibility. Are you annoyed when you think of home maintenance or excited about it? I will admit that I am not enthusiastic about it, but I know that outsourcing all tasks can be costly and won’t make sense in the long run. If you have some … Read more

12 Items To Keep Out Of The Furnace Room

Furnace Room

Furnace rooms are frequently neglected and seen as storage spaces. Unfortunately, treating them that way can lead to serious and expensive problems. To keep furnace rooms functional and safe, you will have to remove potentially dangerous items. This list of 12 items to keep out of the furnace room cover most items you should be … Read more

When Are Dual Fuel Heat Pumps Worth It?

Winter house

If you live in an area that tends to get really cold in the winter, you have probably heard about dual fuel heat pumps. If you have a heat pump or are building a house and installing one, you may be considering getting a dual heat pump. Dual heat pumps are worth their price if … Read more

The Importance Of Having Your HVAC System Inspected

HVAC -Heat Pump Units

Homeowners tend to forget the importance of having their HVAC system inspected regularly. They may think while everything works fine, there is no need to check. Unfortunately, skipping the periodic inspections, even with new homes like mine, can cause many problems. Regular HVAC system inspections will reduce the chance of failures, extend the system lifespan, … Read more