Why You Should Test Your Private Well Water

Water Test

Having a private water source gives you a sense of independence. But it doesn’t come without responsibilities. Unfortunately, well water quality can change, and sometimes it can present a health hazard. Some changes are easy to notice, while other ones are tricky. You should test your private well water regularly. Testing ensures health and safety … Read more

Can You Run Out of Well Water?

Inside a well

Having a private water source is excellent, but some homeowners fear that they could run out of water. If you have a modern, professionally made well, you shouldn’t worry too much, but you have to be aware of all the possibilities. Unfortunately, you could run out of well water. It is not uncommon for wells … Read more

Can You Use a Well Without Electricity?

Old fashion well

Having a private, fresh water source is excellent, but it doesn’t work when the power goes out because it runs on electricity. Modern wells are constructed in a way that you can’t use a bucket with a piece of rope to access the water. So, I wanted to answer the obvious question, can you use … Read more

Well Water vs. City Water: Pros and Cons

Choosing between well water and city water may seem like a hard task. Water is an essential element used by people daily, and before making any decisions, it would be wise to study both systems’ advantages and disadvantages. While well water is cheaper and rich in nutrients, it may also be polluted, and you must … Read more