Why Are New Houses Painted Magnolia?

When people build new houses, they make choices that will appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. The idea is for buyers to be able to visualize their belongings and their family in the home without any distractions. This helps them make a decision about whether or not the home is right for them.

Magnolia is a neutral color that is a warm shade of white. Brilliant white is harsh, while magnolia is warm and inviting and offers little distraction. New houses are painted magnolia because they want buyers to picture their furniture and possessions in the home, and magnolia goes with everything. It is also easy to repaint if the new homeowner wants to change the color scheme.

Color plays a large role in how people feel about a space, and magnolia is a popular choice for new homes. Continue reading to learn about the magnolia color and why it is ideal in these cases.

Why Is Magnolia Used in New Houses?

The main reason that magnolia is used in new homes is that it is a soft, warm, and neutral color. Most people use it because buyers can see how their own possessions will look in the home without the distraction of potentially clashing colors.

Magnolia also makes people feel welcome because it is a warm color. Brilliant white is crisp and clean, but it can be harsh and make a home feel institutional. Darker neutrals can make the house appear too dark or small.

Magnolia is the least obtrusive, and it appeals to most people. Once someone buys the home, they are likely to paint the home a new color, which will be easy because magnolia is a light color.

What Are the Properties of Magnolia?

Magnolia is a warm white, which has yellow as its base. This makes it a cream color. In addition, it has positive attributes that people associate with it. It actually has properties that are similar to white, such as cleanliness, purity, clarity, sophistication, and efficiency.

However, there are some negative attributes, including isolation, sterility, and coldness that some people also sense. The personality of the color is more subtle than other colors, and some people feel that this is a lack of character. This is good when you are looking at a home to buy, but it may not be a color you want to live with unless your furniture and other belongings have a lot of ‘personality.’

Can You Make a House That Is Painted Magnolia Interesting?

It is absolutely possible to make a house that is painted magnolia interesting. If there is nothing else in the house, the magnolia might dominate the rooms, but you can add furniture, art, window treatments, and more in complementary colors.

You can choose any color, especially warm, bright, clear ones. Also, add some mirrors, potted plants, and bookshelves to the rooms. You want to use colors that are also based on yellow, such as warm blues and greens. They will go great with magnolia.

Are Their Colors That Don’t Go with Magnolia?

The best colors to go with magnolia are bright, warm, and clear colors that are yellow-based. However, there are colors that don’t look great with it. You should avoid colors that have different tones, such as grays and blacks, as well as some blues that are not yellow based. These colors will clash with the magnolia in a harsh way.

What Colors Are Similar to Magnolia?

Some people feel that magnolia has a negative association because it is so commonly used in new homes and in rentals. They often wonder if there is another choice. Other colors in the same family include pure white, oyster white, and ivory. They are similar options, and you can use them if you aren’t satisfied with magnolia.

Do Homeowners Choose Magnolia to Decorate Their Homes?

Homeowners actually rarely choose magnolia when they are decorating their own homes. Builders, sellers, and landlords do choose it because it is a warm, neutral color that makes it easy for buyers to visualize themselves in the home.

The interesting thing is that homeowners do choose colors that are almost the same as magnolia, including butter, buttermilk, and cream. Magnolia is perceived as a color that lacks personality, and unless people have a lot of color in their belongings, they tend not to use it.

They can easily paint over magnolia because it is a light color. It is a shade of white with a yellow base. This makes it simple for them to plan the color scheme that they want when they personalize their homes.

It’s really a matter of personal preference and impression. Some people consider magnolia bland and boring, while others welcome the fact that it works with everything they own. Either way, it is a good color for new homes because it stays in the background and lets the features of the home stand out.

Should You Paint Your Home Magnolia Before Selling?

If you plan to put your home on the market, you should consider painting it magnolia. It is always important to reduce anything personal that is displayed in your home so that buyers can feel what it would be like to live there with their own things. This includes any colors that are a reflection of your personality.

Most realtors recommend that you paint your walls a neutral color such as magnolia, and you should remove personal items such as photographs and other knick-knacks. The more neutral your home appears, the easier it is for buyers to consider it for themselves. Magnolia is a good color choice when you are planning to sell your home.

Final Words

Many new houses are painted with magnolia, a warm tone that is in the white family. They use it because it is unobtrusive and allows buyers to picture their own families in the home. In some circles, magnolia has a bad rap because people think it is boring. However, it allows you to choose your color scheme, and it matches most people’s furniture.

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