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Hello and welcome! My name is Jose Perez, and I’m thrilled to have you join us on our journey of building and maintaining our home in the beautiful town of Lewes, Delaware.

In the professional realm, I come from a background in banking audit and compliance, holding senior positions that demanded attention to detail, thoroughness, and discipline.

This experience has proven to be surprisingly useful in an entirely different venture: homeownership.

Our new adventure began with building a house from scratch and continues as we work to transform that house into a warm, loving home.

In 2019, my wife and I left the sunny beaches of California, for the charming, historic atmosphere of Delaware.

Our goal was simple yet significant: find a place that offered the lifestyle we cherished but at a more affordable cost.

Little did we know, our adventure would lead us to not just buy a home, but to build one ourselves.

Building our own home was both challenging and rewarding. We spent hours researching, meeting with various builders, comparing designs, quality of materials, and prices.

It was a process that required patience, decision-making, and a willingness to learn about aspects of home building that were completely new to us.

Fast forward to today, we’re proud homeowners in Lewes, continuing to learn more about our house and the vibrant State of Delaware every day.

It’s this learning journey that inspired us to create House Notebook. On this site, we share the experiences, insights, and discoveries we’ve made along the way.

While I may not be a seasoned contractor or a lifelong resident of Delaware, I bring a unique perspective: an eager homeowner learning the ropes, armed with a penchant for due diligence and meticulous care from my banking background.

I am fully committed to documenting our progress, triumphs, and hiccups as we navigate this new territory. It’s our hope that our experiences will provide valuable insights, practical tips, and perhaps even bring a smile to your face.

Join us as we delve into all things home-related – from the ins and outs of home maintenance to exploring local wonders in Delaware.

Here at House Notebook, we’re all about sharing our journey and learning together.

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