Why Do Painters Wear White?

Why Do Painters Wear White? - Painter wearing white

Colors are associated with different activities and professions. Holidays have certain colors, and blue makes you think of the police. Clowns are meant to be colorful or they don’t look like clowns. Painters wear white. If you took a survey from painters to find out why, you might get a lot of different answers. Tradition … Read more

Should I Put Drywall in My Garage?

Level 2 drywall finish example

For the most part, drywall is typically used to finish walls and ceilings. It’s made out of gypsum material, and because it’s easy to build with, many contractors prefer it to other materials. So, while drywall is a favorite among the pros, a question remains, should I put drywall in my garage? After I figured out why garages … Read more

Is a Swimming Pool Worth the Money?

Is a Swimming Pool Worth the Money? - Feet on on swimming pool water

With the warm summer months on the horizon, a swimming pool could be a much-needed addition to any home. They are, after all, a great and fun way to stay cool. However, swimming pools don’t come cheap and can certainly be challenging to maintain. For some, the cost and maintenance of a swimming pool are … Read more