Why Do Some Neighborhoods Have No Sidewalks?

Why Do Some Neighborhoods Have No Sidewalks? - Neighborhood without sidewalks

Sidewalks are ideal for riding a bike, rollerblading, going for a jog, and, of course, walking. Although many people may not give it much thought, sidewalks are actually a neighborhood amenity that many people don’t get to enjoy. Believe it or not, sidewalks aren’t available in all neighborhoods. Having moved from urban Los Angeles to … Read more

8 Qualities of a Good Neighbor

8 Qualities of a Good Neighbor - Hello Neighbor Sign

We just moved to a brand-new community in Lewes, Delaware, and we genuinely want to be good neighbors. Perhaps you also want a great relationship with your neighbors.  Or maybe you’re just wondering what a good neighbor really is, or why some neighbors seem harder to get along with than others. All good questions.  Here’s … Read more

Why Are HOAs Hated so Much?

HOA neighborhood

Buying a property with an HOA (homeowners’ association) sounds like a nightmare to many people. Living in a community with a set of rules people follow may sound good, but unfortunately, some HOAs have many pitfalls. Why are HOAs hated so much? The main reasons HOAs are hated so much are excessively restrictive rules, poor … Read more