Is Sparkling Water Bad for Dogs?

Is Sparkling Water Bad for Dogs? - Dog drinking from bottle water

Sparkling water is a fairly common drink for people, so it is natural to wonder if dogs can drink it too. Water is very important for dogs so that they don’t have trouble with dehydration. Sometimes people want to give some sparkling water to their dogs when they don’t have natural water available. Sparkling water … Read more

What Birds Lay Blue Eggs?

What Birds Lay Blue Eggs? - Robin nest with eggs

Birds lay eggs in many different colors, ranging from white to yellow, orange, green, and blue. They can also be covered in spots and other markings, and you can identify the bird by looking at the egg. There is a reason for this with some colors; they try to camouflage their eggs. Blue eggs are … Read more

What Birds Have Red Heads?

You may be asking why I want to know what birds have red heads? Here is the story. Moving from LA to the East Coast you notice many new things, not least among them, new kinds of birds (my favorite). As soon as we settled into our new house — located in Lewes, DE — I unpacked my … Read more