Do Bat Houses Help with Mosquitoes?

Do Bat Houses Help With Mosquitoes? - Two Bats Hanging

Mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor plans in the summer. Some of them are active all day long, so naturally, people want to get rid of them. Pesticides can be problematic because they kill all kinds of insects, including those that are beneficial. Bats are a natural predator of mosquitoes, and they eat about half their … Read more

Are Swallows Good to Have Around?

Are Swallows Good to Have Around? - Swallows Nest

Every spring, barn swallows come and make nests in warehouses, barns, residences, and other buildings. They are beautiful birds with blue backs, dark orange faces, and a light-colored chest. They have long, pointed wings and a forked tail. Although European legend says that barn swallows bring good luck, they can cause a great deal of … Read more

What Do Deer Eat?

What Do Deer Eat? - Deer close up

Understanding what deer eat is important if you want to attract deer to your property. We have seen lots of deer around our neighborhood and wondered if we could and should get deer near our yard by providing food they can eat. Deer eat various plants that are available in nature. Their diet can be … Read more

10 Things to Know About Nyjer Seeds

10 Things to Know About Nyjer Seeds - Goldfinch eating on feeder

My wife wanted to attract goldfinches in our garden, and she heard that Nyjer seeds are good for that. So we bought the bird feeder, added Nyjer seed, and started to see them coming the next day! People typically feed the birds in tube feeders or mesh sock feeders. Since I didn’t know anything about … Read more

Is Sparkling Water Bad for Dogs?

Is Sparkling Water Bad for Dogs? - Dog drinking from bottle water

Sparkling water is a fairly common drink for people, so it is natural to wonder if dogs can drink it too. Water is very important for dogs so that they don’t have trouble with dehydration. Sometimes people want to give some sparkling water to their dogs when they don’t have natural water available. Sparkling water … Read more