Hello! and thank you for visiting House Notebook.

My name is Jose Perez. My professional background is in banking audit and compliance.

In July 2019, my wife and I moved from Pasadena, California, to the State of Delaware, searching for a similar lifestyle at a lower price.

After we firmly decided to make Delaware our new adventure land, we rented a house with a 1-year lease and took our time to search for our new dream location.

We chose Lewes as our forever location, and we searched for a home. It soon became apparent that many people in Delaware don’t buy an existing home; they build a new one.

That sounded great! We felt a little bit like pioneers building our house from scratch in the first town of the first state. We didn’t do it with our own hands as pioneers did, but still, we felt the same excitement.

As happy as we were to have someone qualified to build our house, it turned out to be hard to find the right builder. Many builders claim to be the best, some had beautiful designs but low-quality materials, others offered functional designs and excellent materials, but at a high price.

We finally chose one builder that suited us and started building our forever home. We moved to Delaware in August 2019 and eventually moved to our new home in July 2020.

As excited as we are about our new home, we have a lot to learn about our new house and the State of Delaware. This is the site where we share everything we learn as we embark on our new adventure.

I know about banking compliance and audit, but nothing about what it takes to keep a house in shape. I also don’t know anything about Delaware.

We will record our progress in this blog. I hope our successes, experiences, and tribulations with the house and the State of Delaware somehow help you and maybe make you smile every now and then.