What Is the Purpose of a Storm Door?

What Is the Purpose of a Storm Door? - Storm door detail

A storm door can be a great addition to your home. Despite the fact that they are called “storm” doors, protection from bad weather is not their only purpose. Having an additional outer door has many benefits. Storm doors can be used as a convenient shield during rain. They are typically installed in front of … Read more

What Is a Drainage Swale?

Drainage is an essential component of a house. It prevents flooding, which can cause significant damage to your property. You can avoid flooding with different solutions for your yard, and a drainage swale is one of them. In the US, swales are shallow channels often covered with grass to look like a continuation of the … Read more

Top Cheap Ways to Finish a Basement Floor

Top cheap ways to finish a basement floor - Measuring tile

Finished basements can add significant space to your home, and increase the value of your property. Unfortunately, finishing them can be tedious and quite expensive. Luckily, there are a few affordable options to consider when it comes to finishing the basement floors. So, what are the top cheap ways to finish a basement floor? Cheap … Read more