12 Everyday Items for Self Defense at Home

Burglary, break-ins, and violent home intrusion are quite common these days. These incidents often happen when you are least prepared. And while it is impossible to come out with a road map for every situation, at least you can prepare by identifying and knowing the location of everyday items for self defense at your home. 

You can even be proactive and place them strategically so that when you are caught off guard during a sudden violent situation, one of these items can come in handy to defend yourself. By strategically, we mean to place them in a manner that only you have access to them and not your attackers.

If your attacker can grab one of these everyday self defense items before you, you just helped him instead of yourself. So, place these items away from clear sight, but know where they are. 

Placing these self defense items in specific places will help you access them even subconsciously when you are under threat. 

In this article, we will identify some of these items most people have within their homes. Going over the list and choose the ones you believe will help you if you encounter a burglary or violent attack at your home.

It’s not easy to categorize these everyday items, but we can say that they all fall into one or more of these three categories:

  • Objects that can be lethal such as knives
  • Blunt objects that can inflict significant injuries
  • Items that can distract, disorient the attacker

A Word About Self Defense for the Average Person

Before I go over the list, I’d like to say a few words about self defense for the average person.

Even if you are a martial arts expert, your best bet is to avoid confrontation if you can. The first thing you need to do if you suspect an intruder is in your home is call the police.

But most people are not professional fighters and should assume that the intruder is more skilled at fighting and avoid confrontation to the extent possible. It is definitely not worth getting hurt over material possessions.

However, you may encounter situations where your life or one of your family member’s life is at risk, and you have no choice but to defend yourself and your family with whatever you have around.

This is what this article is about. Let’s go over the list.

1. Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher

You may be surprised to learn what powerful weapons fire extinguishers can be if you know how to use them. You can use it as a distance weapon and throw it at an attacker. It’s a big blunt thing that can land a powerful setback on your attacker.

It also packs in chemicals that can be sprayed at a moment’s notice. If you can do that, aim the spray in the eyes of the attacker. It can leave him in shock, and he may not even be able to escape. You could use the opportunity to escape to safety or to strike him with the tank and immobilize him.

2. Knives

Kitchen knife

You may have different kinds of knives at your home, especially kitchen knives. You may also have knives to cut and chop meat. These knives can be bigger and more lethal. The presence of a knife may be enough to scare most people and may work well as a deterrent without even using it. You don’t have to think about it; you know where they are and can use them against your attackers in cases of serious threat to your life and property.

3. Gardening Tools

Garden tools

Garden tools such as hoes, shovels, and rakes can be used against an attacker or burglar. These tools have long handles and metal tips. That makes them potentially lethal as well as convenient to use from a distance. You can keep these tools strategically located in different parts of your yard, garden, or garage so you can get hold of them in case you need them for self defense.

4. Sporting Equipment

Tennis rackets

Many sporting equipment and accessories can double as self defense weapons. Golf clubs, baseball bats, and racquets can cause severe injuries if they are used as self defense weapons. While you may have some of these items in good and working condition, some may be old. You can keep the good ones inside your home but clearly within reach. The old ones can be placed in the yard, garden, or garage. This will keep them available for self defense no matter where you need them.

5. Ice Picks and Screwdrivers


Ice picks, screwdrivers, and other similar pointed objects that can be found in the kitchen and the garage can also be used as self defense weapons. These tools are pointed, and if you attack someone with these everyday items, you can leave the attacker with some severe injuries that can leave them distracted and in utter shock. Taking advantage of the situation, you can attack him with more blunt items to immobilize and overpower him. To make your attack more lethal, you can choose a sensitive area of the body such as the chest, neck, abdomen, and the large arteries.

6. Pens

Metal pen

A pen may not qualify for much when it comes to self defense weapons. But sometimes it is the only thing available to you to defend yourself. It has pointed ends, and if you have planned it a bit, you can also have a metal pen with some added self defense features.

In any case, you need to act quickly because hitting somebody with a pen means the attacker is dangerously close to you. It is a situation in which you either hit him or get hit. A blow with a pen in the eye can be severe. But with its sharp and pointed tip, it can hurt any part of the body. It will at least distract the attacker for a few moments, the time you need to escape to safety.

7. Hammers


A hammer blow can be lethal if it lands on the body’s sensitive areas such as the head. Hammers are very common tools at home –most homes have several hammers around their house. From the kitchen to the garage, there can be hammers of different weights and sizes. Keep them strategically located in your home so that you can easily access them in an emergency.

8. Glass Bottles

Glass bottle

A glass bottle can be potentially very dangerous. First, if you use it as a blunt object to hit somebody, it has the weight and hardness to land a big blow and injure an attacker. Second, if you break it holding its neck and using the sharp end pointed to the attacker, it can be a scary situation for anyone to deal with. Any attack that lands on the opponent’s body will undoubtedly inflict injury. The intruder may have no option but to run away.

9. Irons


An iron can be your everyday go-to self defense weapon. It’s heavy with a handle. You can choose to attack without letting it go. It also has a strong cord with an electric socket at the end. You can use it in multiple ways against an intruder or attacker. If by any chance, it is hot when you attack with it, it becomes even more lethal.

10. Pots and Pans


Pots and pans are readily available in your kitchen. Some of these can be excellent self defense weapons. They are mostly metal pieces with a handle. This makes it more convenient to use against an attacker while also maintaining a safe distance from him.

11. Food Cans

Can food

Every household has food cans in or around the kitchen and dining room. If the can is still unopen, the can will be heavy enough to land a heavy blow on an attacker. It can be a good distance weapon that can be thrown at an intruder. If it hits the person, you may buy some time to reorganize your defenses or scape.


12. Lamps

In a moment of threat to your security, you can use your table lamp on the study or bedside table as your ultimate weapon against an intruder or attacker. It probably has a metal body and a somewhat twisted structure. If you are assertive enough, the only best option available to the intruder may be to run away, which is your best outcome.

Additional Useful Everyday Items for Self Defense at Home

This is not meant to be a complete list. You may have items at home that are better than these. You can identify additional items in the bedroom, toilet, and kitchen, which can be used against an attacker or burglar. Other everyday items at home that can be used as self defense weapons would include:

  • Household chemicals such as bleach, insect poisons, powder detergent, hair spray
  • Wasp spray can reach 10 to 20 feet of distance and can be a good self defense tool
  • Footwear can be an effective self defense tool, especially the shoe’s hard heel
  • A pot of hot coffee can leave your attacker with serious injuries
  • A coffee mug with its comfortable handle and big-size blow can be quite disorienting for the victim

Final Thoughts

You can use some of these everyday items found in most households and keep them ready for self defense. It is important to be alert and aware of your city’s crime trends and be prepared to defend yourself if necessary. You don’t need to be stocking on firearms, but it is critical to organize your life and household items keeping you and your family security as a top priority.

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