Why is My Mail Not Being Forwarded?

Whether you moved or went on a more extended vacation, mail forwarding service is probably essential. Unfortunately, it’s possible that even if you provided your new address, your mail does not get forwarded. There are a few reasons for that. Except for lousy customer service, the reason may be that you accidentally gave the wrong … Read more

Are Barn Doors Out of Style?

bathroom barn door

Barn doors have been popularized by HGTV shows and other home improvement programs. Even if you don’t care for barn doors it’s hard to ignore them if you watch these shows. But are barn doors out of style now? There are numerous possibilities if you are thinking about barn doors, but you have to be … Read more

Do You Need to Register New Appliances?

Do you need to register new appliances? - Kitchen appliances

Registering new appliances may seem pointless to some, but it has its benefits. Manufacturers often ask for too much personal information when registering their appliances, and some buyers are rightly concerned. You don’t need to register new appliances for warranty rights. Proof of purchase (i.e., a receipt) is all you need for warranty claims. However, … Read more

How to Transport a 65 Inch TV

Transporting a large, 65 inch TV can be quite a challenge. Different problems may occur, and you could damage your precious TV by not knowing how to do it properly. If you have to transport your 65 inch TV, familiarize yourself with some basic rules. A flat-screen, 65 inch, TV has to be packed, preferably … Read more