What Does it Mean to Have a Blue Porch Light?

If you are driving through a neighborhood, you might notice that people have different colors of lights on their porches. This trend has become popular in recent years as a way for people to show their support for different causes. There are several different colors that you will see, including green, red, purple, and blue.

A blue porch light has two different meanings, and both became trends in 2020. The first meaning is support for World Autism Awareness, and it is meant to remind people to have compassion for autistic people and their loved ones. The other reason is a show of support for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and it shows that the residents support the men and women in blue.

Changing the color of a porch light is a method of bringing awareness to causes that you support. Continue reading to learn why people have a blue porch light.  

What Does it Mean to Have a Blue Porch Light?

People have so many options for lighting today. Long gone are the days of a standard incandescent bulb in white or off-white coloring. You can find lightbulbs in many different colors, and there are smart light bulbs where you can choose the color and change it at will.

Buildings such as the Empire State Building have changed the colors illuminating it for years. The goal is to show support for different causes or holidays. Now people are doing the same thing with their porch lights.

Blue is one common choice, and it generally has one of two meanings. The idea became popular in 2020 to show support for Autism or for law enforcement.

The Autism Speaks organization’s main goal is to increase World Autism Awareness because around one in 270 people suffer from it. People change their porch light to blue in April to remind everyone to empathize with autistic people and their families.

The second meaning comes from the National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, which began in 2015. On January 9th each year, people change their porch light to blue to show their support of the men and women in law enforcement. In fact, this trend became popular enough to inspire Project Blue Light. This project’s goal is to spread the message to show support for law enforcement with the blue light.

What Does a Green Porch Light Mean?

Another popular trend is to use a green porch light. This color symbolizes respect for veterans and those who currently serve the country. Some people display the green light all of the time, while others do it on military holidays, such as Veterans Day or Memorial Day. This porch light color might also stand for St.Patrick’s Day, which is displayed on March 17.

What Does a Red Porch Light Mean?

Red has always been a powerful color. It stands for strong feelings that range from anger to love. Some people use this color on Valentine’s Day or Christmas to represent these holidays. However, if you see a red porch light during the rest of the year, it often symbolizes the American Heart Association and raises awareness for heart health.

What Does a Purple Porch Light Mean?

In 2007, purple was chosen as a color to increase awareness of domestic violence. People change their porch lights to purple to show that domestic violence is a serious issue that can affect anyone. It also sends a message to victims of domestic violence that they have support, and it can help them gain courage by realizing that they are not alone.

Other Meanings of Colored Light Bulbs

But not everything has to have meaning. Some people use colored lights just for fun. There are so many different options, including lights that change colors. Sometimes you might see a blue porch light, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. In addition, people will use a blinking light when they have an emergency, which helps the fire department or law enforcement locate their home. As lights have more capabilities, they can be used in other ways.

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Final Words

Using a blue light is a trend today, and it usually means that the family supports Autism or law enforcement. The blue light spreads support and awareness, but it can also be used for fun.

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