Why Do Painters Wear White?

Colors are associated with different activities and professions. Holidays have certain colors, and blue makes you think of the police. Clowns are meant to be colorful or they don’t look like clowns. Painters wear white. If you took a survey from painters to find out why, you might get a lot of different answers.

Tradition is a major reason why painters wear white, as it was the color mandated by the painter’s union. Also, white was the most affordable color option, and it is the best color to wear on a hot day because it reflects the sun. Finally, since it was the standard color for the exterior of homes, it was the most practical color for white stains.

There are several reasons why painters traditionally wear white. Continue reading to learn what they are.

White: The Color of Choice for Several Reasons

Many people, including painters, know that most painters wear white when they come to paint. This has led to a lot of speculation as to why. If you ask 100 painters, you will get different answers. These are the most likely reasons for most painters to wear white.

It Was the Color Chosen by the Painters Union

Wearing white is rooted in tradition that dates back to the late 1800s when people started painting their homes with the newly developed ready-to-use paint.

By the 19th century, the members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades started wearing white to separate themselves from the painters who were not members. It also separated them from other industries, such as plumbers and electricians.

The Official Journal of the Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers of America published in January 1903 includes many entries showing that all local unions wore white uniforms.

Naturally, after the Union strongly encouraged wearing white for many years, the tradition was established and it’s probably the main reason why most painters wear white today.

A Matter of Price

One of the reasons why painters wore white was that it was a thrifty choice. Their painters’ clothing was made from canvas that was durable and inexpensive. Nowadays color is not a major determinant in the price of clothing, but it’s still affordable when combined with basic material.

Most Homes Were Painted White

When people started painting their homes, most of them used white. It was the only color available; they didn’t have all of the different choices that exist today. The white painters’ clothing would cover any spatters as well as other supplies, such as caulk, plaster, primer, drywall, and more. White is a practical color for this reason.

You may wonder how barns were painted red; it is an interesting story you may want to read.

It is Often Hot Outside

Another reason why painters wear white is that painting is usually done when it is warm outside. White reflects the rays of the sun, and it is a great color to wear when it is hot outside.

Unlikely Reasons Why Painters Wear White

While no one has the precise answer as to why painters wear white, some reasons are unlikely.

White Looks Professional

Sure white looks professional but so does black and blue. I don’t think wearing white makes anyone looks particularly professional. At this point, it is expected for painters to wear white, but again most other colors could have been professionally-looking colors. Looking professional is not a reason why painters choose white over other colors.

White is a Type of Warning

Some internet sources note that white is a warning that signals awareness. I don’t think this is true -yellow signals caution, red danger, and orange warning. It is true that we think of “caution, wet paint potentially around” when we see a painter. But it would have been the same if they wore red, orange, or yellow.

What Is a Painter’s Uniform?

Most professional painters will wear white. Their uniform is actually called Painter’s Whites, and it has several different components. They wear overalls or pants made of white canvas or white denim to cover their lower body, and they wear a white canvas top. These clothes come in different styles, from overalls to coveralls to pants.

Their shoes can be aTheir shoes can be any color, but many painters wear white shoes as well. They will put shoe booties over their shoes while they are painting to protect them from splatters. Some painters personalize their uniforms by having the company name imprinted on them. This adds an extra touch of professionalism to the look. They look clean and put-together when they come to paint your house.

How Do Painters Clean Paint Off of Their Clothes?

The first step to removing paint from their clothes is knowing what kind of paint they used. No matter what kind of paint they used, they will scrape away whatever paint they can. They often use a stiff brush to remove dried paint from its surface.

If they used acrylic or latex paint, they can use laundry detergent and water. They start by wetting the uniform with warm water and then blotting the stain. Next, they take a mixture of laundry detergent and warm water and cover the stain; then, they blot it with a wet rag. Finally, they can rinse the uniform, and the paint should be gone.

If they used an oil-based paint, the best way to remove it is with paint thinner. It can be rough on their clothes, but it will get the paint out. A milder method is to use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover, especially for a small stain.

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