How Do I Find Out What Time My Mail Comes?

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It can be helpful to know what time your mail is coming. In the past five years, we have moved three times and it has always been hard to know what time my mail comes for each new address. If you are expecting a check, you might want to get it before you go out so that you can deposit it. You might wonder how to find out, and there are a couple of things that you can do.

The best way to find out what time your mail comes is by getting to know your mail carriers and ask them. The best way to know what mail you are getting every day is to use the US Postal Service’s Informed Delivery service. You can set up an online account where you can digitally preview your mail before it comes. You can also find out about packages that are coming. If you don’t have Informed Delivery, you can track anything sent by Priority Mail.

It can be important to know when your mail is coming for a number of different reasons. Continue reading to learn how to find out what time your mail comes.

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How to Find Out What Time Your Mail Comes -Get to Know Your Mail Carrier

Generally speaking, the mail carrier tries to come around the same time each day. Mail carriers have a specific route, and they follow it daily.

If you observe the time your mail carrier comes each day, you will have a good idea of when to expect your mail.

For instance, if you notice that your mail carrier is there between 11 and 12 each day, you can expect your mail to always be delivered at that time.

However, keep in mind that something can come up to make the mail carrier late.

You can also ask your mail carrier when they expect to be there. They will tell you if they have a specific route and expect to be at your home at the same time each day.

They can also give you more insight into their schedule. For best results, treat mail carriers with kindness and consider offering them a thoughtful gift to show your appreciation.

Informed Delivery -Best Way to Know What Mail is Coming

The best way to find out when your mail comes is to use Informed Delivery. It is a free service offered by the US Postal Service, and you can sign up online.

You just go to the USPS website and create an account. Then, select Informed Delivery, and you will be able to preview all of your mail and find out when it is being delivered.

This service does not tell you the exact time that your mail will arrive. To find out, you will have to spend some time observing your mail carrier as noted above.

If it is important for you to know when your mail will arrive, you should register for Informed Delivery. You can follow these steps to set up your account:

  • Create an account at the USPS website
  • Click on Sign Up for Free
  • Enter your street address, city, state, and zip to find out if you are eligible
  • Click on the enroll button
  • Enter your username, password, contact information, and security questions
  • Complete the identity verification process
  • You will receive a notification that you are enrolled within a week

This a video from the USPS demonstrating how to sign up for Informed Delivery.

I use it and is very useful and to be honest, I am surprised it is free. Below is a screenshot of one of my informed delivery e-mails we have received.

How Do I Find Out What Time My Mail Comes? - Informed Delivery Day Example

How Can I Track Priority Mail?

If you are expecting letters or packages through Priority Mail, you can track them. You will need the tracking number from the sender, but you can go to the USPS website and type in the tracking number to find out when your letter or package will be delivered.

You can find the tracking number in several different places, including the following:

  • The bottom peel off part of the USPS tracking label
  • The post office shipping receipt
  • The sales receipt, if you bought insurance
  • The shipping confirmation email from the online retailer
  • Ask the sender for it

If you don’t have a tracking number, you won’t be able to check on when your mail will arrive.

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It can be important to know when your mail is coming. You should get to know your mail carrier and find out what their general route is.

They are likely to come to your house within an hour of the same time each day. The best way to know when specific mail is coming is to sign up for Informed Delivery. This will give you a preview of what to expect each day.

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