How to Get a Bird Out of Your House

You enjoy opening the windows every day to let in the fresh air, but on occasion, a bird will fly in and flutter around the house. They will usually be afraid, and they can panic and frantically try to find a way out. Most people have no idea what to do to get it out of the house without harming it or frightening it any more than it already is.

Fortunately, it is not too difficult to get a bird out of your house. You need to close off the room where it is, open the window, and use a bed sheet to help it find its way back out. Make sure that you clear the room of any pets or children, and stay calm as you follow a few simple steps to help the bird find its way back outdoors.

We have had at least three instances where a bird got into our house, and every time we got it out, but it was always chaotic. It is time to figure out a systematic way of doing this.

It can be frightening to have a bird flying all over a room in your home, but there is no need to panic. The bird wants to get back outside as much as you want it to. Continue reading to learn exactly what to do when you find that a bird has become trapped in your house.

How to Get a Bird Out of Your House: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Close Off the Room

When a bird flies into your house, it is usually terrified. It can panic and fly all over the place. You should start by closing off the room from the rest of the house. Close the doors and make sure that any pets or children leave the room. You will also want to close up any closets or cabinet doors. When a bird is panicking, it doesn’t notice where it is flying.

Another important thing to do is to turn off your ceiling fan. If the bird flies into it, it will be a disaster. If the bird has flown into the kitchen, make sure that you don’t have the stove on or any hot pots and pans. Once you have the room closed off and free of danger, you are ready for the next step.

2. Choose an Exit for the Bird

Next, you should choose how you want the bird to leave your house. You can open one window or door, but make sure that you only choose one. If you have an opening for the bird to get out, it will be easier for it to find its way. It is important to make sure that it is a large enough opening. The bird is more likely to fly out on its own if it knows that it has a clear path. Open the window or door as wide as you can before moving to the next step.

3. Close Any Blinds or Curtains on the Other Windows and Doors

If the room has other windows and doors, you need to close the curtains or blinds. Glass is confusing to birds and the bird won’t be able to tell which door or window is open if there are too many choices. If it is daytime, you can turn the lights off once you close the blinds and curtains. This will show the bird where outside is because there will be daylight coming through it. If it is nighttime, this won’t work, so you can leave the lights on.

4. Guide the Bird Out

Hopefully, the bird will notice the opening and fly right out. If not, you might need to coax it. You can get behind it because the bird will try to fly away from you. Another trick is to take a bed sheet. You can hold it in two hands up at your eye level. Make sure that you are behind the bird and the opening is on the other side of the bird. As you move towards the bird, hold the bed sheet up to close in the space. The bird should fly right out the window.

5. Clean up

Once the bird is out of your house, you can open the blinds, close the window or door, and throw your bed sheet in the wash.

Birds don’t intend to fly into the house, but they do it sometimes. Fortunately, you can follow these steps to help it leave. If the bird is a large bird, you might need to call wildlife management to come and handle it. However, it is likely a small bird that simply lost its way.

How to Prevent Birds From Flying Into Your House

Once you get the bird out of your house, you will want to take steps to prevent it from happening again. Obviously, open doors and windows provide a point of entry, but you can take steps to keep the birds away from your doors and windows.

Birds do not like shiny objects that are bright or reflective, so you can hang them near your windows or doors. You can also get fake versions of predators such as owls, cats, and large birds or prey. If you place them around your house, it will deter the birds from coming too close.

You can get some garden balls and place them in flower beds near your windows. Birds get confused by them because they look like eyes, so the birds will stay away from them. You can even hang them from a tree.

You can install bird spikes to prevent birds from perching on your home and you can also spray vinegar on the outside of your house near the window. Birds don’t like the smell, so they will not come close. These are all ways that you can prevent the bird from entering your home.

Closing Words

It can be startling when a bird suddenly flies into your home. They panic and flutter around, and you will want to get it out. Luckily, it is not a difficult process and you should be able to remove the bird within 15 minutes or less. Follow the steps above and the bird will return outdoors where it belongs.

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