How to Transport a 65 Inch TV

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Transporting a large, 65 inch TV can be quite a challenge. Different problems may occur, and you could damage your precious TV by not knowing how to do it properly. If you have to transport your 65 inch TV, familiarize yourself with some basic rules.

A flat-screen, 65 inch, TV has to be packed, preferably in its original box. It should be positioned upright if possible, and well protected from moving inside the car. If the TV is going to be transported in a vehicle with opened cargo space, it must be protected from direct sunlight and moisture.

We recently bought a Samsung – 65 inch Class – QLED Q70 Series for our new house in Lewes, Delaware. I got a good deal of $1,000 in Best Buy, but I had to drive over 50 miles to pick it up from their warehouse to get that price.

I was shocked about how big it was; it could barely fit in my Jeep Wrangler. The warehouse worker told me that it would be best to transport it upright and secure. I wasn’t ready for that, I laid it flat on the back of my Jeep and drove the 50 miles back home.

I finally opened the box and was happy to see that I was lucky and nothing was broken. See more details about how we mounted the TV above the fireplace. We had an additional TV we needed to transport to our new house from the house we are renting. I thought this was a good moment to learn how to do this right.

By following these simple steps, moving a large TV should be easy. The critical issue is not the size or the weight, but the delicate screen. When you protect the TV screen correctly, everything else will be easy.


How to transport a 65 inch tv -Flat screen TV in Jeep

First of all, you have to be sure that a 65 inch TV can fit in your car. If you have a tiny vehicle, you should ask someone for a favor, or rent a larger car. If in doubt, measure the car. But don’t forget that a packed TV is larger than the unpacked one, so the available space has to be quite over 65 inches.

That is if you are going to transport it in its original box as I did. If you are going to buy a TV in a store and transport it home, your preparation is over.

At least this is what I thought. Take a look at the picture on the right to see how tight the TV fits in my Jeep. I had to pool the driving seat all the way to the front to get more space.

If you are going to move an existing TV from your house, you need to prepare protective boxes or blankets if the original packing is not available. You can try to get a box, similar to the original one. Additionally, you will need small bags for screws and some rubber bands or similar for cables.

Before the next step, which is packing, unplug the TV, remove all the cables and remove the TV from any TV mount or its original base. Clean it and remove dust and everything that could scratch the screen while in transport.

Packing the TV

Before packing the TV, pack and protect all the cables. Put rubber bands around them after you wrap them. If necessary, label them to know what they are for when you unpack the TV.

Take all the screws and put them in small bags. Close and secure those bags, and label them too if necessary. The tools you used may be packed in another bag/box, to have them ready to assemble everything later. All of these should be packed separately from the TV, not to damage the screen in transport.

If you have the original box and protective foam, it is excellent, if not, you will have to improvise. Wrap the TV in a soft, dry, blanket, or a large towel. You can even use a few of those to be extra safe. Screens are very sensitive and impossible to repair. You may add a plastic cover or a bag over it to protect it from moisture. If you found a box similar to the original one, make sure you have enough cloth around the TV so that it doesn’t move inside the box.


How to transport a 65 inch tv - Jeep on the road

Some of you may have heard that a flat-screen TV shouldn’t be laid down. That is what the Best Buy warehouse employee told me. Some people think that if you lay it down, it will cause pixel damage on the TV. It turns out that the TV should not be transported in a flat position, but that’s not why.

Nothing will happen to the pixels, but you could potentially cause bending damage. The way modern TVs are built, the ideal weight distribution is achieved in the upright position. In the original box, you may see foam around the edges and not in the middle. The reason is that professionals will also transport it upright. By laying it down, the TV can bend in the middle if it is not adequately supported. Bending your TV could end up being a costly mistake.

I hope that didn’t happen to me when I transported my TV flat in the Jeep. I’ll let you know when I am ready to mount it over my fireplace.

The easiest way to secure a 65 inch TV is to put it on your car’s back seat and use safety belts to secure it. If you are going to put it in a car trunk, some safety band has to be used. Another option is transporting it in a van positioned between fixed objects, with nothing on top.


When you arrive at your destination, have a TV stand ready. Do not unpack it before you have a place to put it, as working around an exposed screen may result in accidental damage.

When you have everything ready, prepare the tools, TV manual if you have one, and all those screws and cables. Slowly and gently unwrap the TV. Assemble everything as it was and plug it in. Try to turn the TV on to see if there is any damage. If you followed the guidelines, everything should be fine.

Keep in mind that a new room in which you are installing a TV, may be different. If you have a multi-component entertainment system, make sure you have enough power outlets.

For all those having the original box, keep it, you never know when you will need it again.

Additional Tips and Tricks

For all those who are still worried, here are some other tips and tricks to ease the moving process:

  • Take pictures of connected cables and a TV base/mount – this is especially useful if you do not have the manual, as it will help you assemble it again
  • If you do not have the original box, you may spend a few dollars to buy adequate boxes, maybe even used ones
  • Do not forget to pack additional parts, like remote controls, which are often placed away from the TV
  • If you are loading the TV between other items, turn the screen side towards a flatter object like a van wall or a closet – avoid facing it towards chairs, drawers and similar things that may cause damage

I believe this is all I need for my move. Hopefully, you got all the answers you were looking for. Prepare everything by following these instructions, and your 65 inch, flat-screen TV, will arrive safely.

TV Transport Guide by Samsung

Let’s wrap up with a very useful video by Samsung on how to transport a flat screen TV.

My TV was Intact and is Now Mounted

I was lucky and didn’t damage the TV when I was driving with my Jeep. The TV is now mounted above the fireplace as planned. We are thrilled!

Our Jeep saved the day, and it can be a lot of fun too.

How to transport a 65 inch tv - TV mounted above the fireplace

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