Why Do Some Kitchens Have Fluorescent Lights?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house, and it needs to be well-lit. This has always been the case, and over time, people have looked for ways to make their kitchens the brightest room in the house.

Some kitchens have fluorescent lights because they light up the space better than other types of lightbulbs. They use less electricity than incandescent bulbs, and they have a longer life span. They are also more environmentally friendly. Probably, more importantly, they help you see the meals as you prepare them, and they make it easier to clean.

Although fluorescent lights are often found in the kitchen, there are other popular options as well. Read on to learn why people use fluorescent lights and a few viable alternatives.

Why Fluorescent Lights Are Still a Good Match for Kitchens

Fluorescent lights are still popular in kitchens because they put out more light and are brighter than other types of lightbulbs. They use less energy, and they last longer as well. They are more environmentally friendly than incandescent light bulbs.

Also, they don’t put out as much heat, and they can be mounted over workstations or under cabinets to help brighten up any part of your kitchen. This makes it easier to prepare meals and clean.

Some kitchens become so hot that you may need to consider a ceiling fan.

Fluorescent lights used to come in strips with a plastic covering, but they are available in a range of styles today. You can get them rounded or in tubes, and you can place them wherever you need them. They come in all different sizes, so it is easy to have them fit in.

===>You may wonder what is considered a fully equipped kitchen.

What Other Lights Are Used in Kitchens?

Lighting is one of the most important parts of your kitchen. However, today there are a lot of options as kitchens have become a room where families spend a lot of their time. While it is important to have bright lighting so that you can see your work stations, it is also nice to have some softer options if you are relaxing and don’t need the bright lights.

When you choose lights, it is important to look at the temperature of your bulb. Cooler bulbs make it easier to see, while warmer light bulbs make the room cozy and inviting.

Lights come in Daylight, designed to imitate the sun’s natural light, which is a cool almost bluish light, or cool white, which is a great choice for your kitchen. Choose lightbulbs in these temperatures for the area where you are working.

Soft white bulbs have a gentle light, and warm white is similar to candlelight. These work well in areas where you don’t need to use knives or work. They are great for relaxing. You can actually get smart bulbs that allow you to choose which shade of white you want to use, so you can choose the appropriate temperature depending on your tasks.

In addition to the temperature, you can choose different types of bulbs. Fluorescent lights are a popular choice, but people also use LED lights because they are energy efficient and they put off plenty of light. If you want to control the light, you can also use a dimmer, but it is easier to use a smart bulb and select the appropriate temperature and dimness.

Are Fluorescent Lights Still Used in Kitchens?

Fluorescent lights are still one of the most popular lights used in kitchens. They don’t take up a lot of space, and they put off bright light that makes it easy to see when you are preparing food.

Many homes also use recessed lighting in the kitchen. Today, LED lights are becoming very common because they last even longer than fluorescent lights, and they use less energy. They are expensive, but their longevity makes them worthwhile.

As smart light bulbs become more common, they are popular because you can choose the temperature and brightness with a controller or with your voice.

According to the U.S Department of Energy, LED lighting is today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technology. With this in mind, fluorescent lights will likely little by little be phased out.

How to Light a Kitchen – Kitchen Lighting Tips

This video from Lamp Plus goes over kitchen lighting options. You want lighting that is functional, usable, and stylish. The video recommends splitting your lighting into three categories overhead, task, and accent.

Final Words

Kitchens often have fluorescent lights for a number of reasons, but there are other popular types of lightbulbs that are commonly used. Today the kitchen is a room where people do more than prepare meals, so it often has multiple light sources. You can use the fluorescent light when you are chopping, cutting, and mixing food, but you can choose other lights when you are relaxing with family and friends.

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