The 6 Most Creative Ways To Hide Those Ugly TV Cables

In this day and age, our homes are full of technical stuff and many wires that come with it. Of course, nobody wants to look at them in a nicely decorated room. One of the biggest problems is TV cables because a TV is often the center of the room. Homeowners need to know the 6 most creative ways to hide those ugly TV cables.

Sometimes you don’t have enough sockets to plug them in straight behind a TV, or you have too many cables because of the high-end entertainment system.

There are different ways to hide the TV cables; you can always hire a professional to get it done right. This is what we ended up doing in our new house, but it was really expensive, although it looks great. You may want to read about my adventure transporting our 65 inch TV.

In hindsight, I wish we would have been patient, research the topic and use one of these 6 most creative ways to hide those ugly TV cables.

1. Cable Ducts (Metal or Plastic)

If your TV is sitting on top of a TV stand, and the sockets are right behind it, you are one of those homeowners who have little to worry about.

But, if the TV is mounted on a wall and the cables are hanging down, it can be an unpleasant sight.

Hiding cables inside the wall is pricey, and you need a bit of professional help to do so; luckily, you can buy plastic or metal cable ducts for a small price.

Plastic ones are much easier to use, while metal ones are sturdier, you can paint them, but they often require wall drilling.

These ducts will cover the cables, and the only thing you will be able to see is a small “tunnel” on the wall. This is also great for cable protection.

The only downside is that you won’t be able to hide the sockets.

This video shows an example without the need to cut into the wall. You don’t even need a drill to install it.

2. TV Console

You can have a bit of extra storage space, while at the same time adding a stylish piece of furniture and hide the ugly TV cables.

Find an affordable and stylish console that goes well with the rest of the room decor and place it under your wall-mounted TV.

Then be creative and use other decoration pieces to hide the cables. You can combine this solution with the first one for even better results.

There are various ways to this and make it look nice, organized, and protected as well. It is really up to your imagination.

In this video, Megan shows an example of how to hide your ugly TV cables on a budget.

3. Fake Books

Fake books are an excellent option when it comes to hiding those ugly TV cables. You will need an area to place the fake books, such as the TV console above.

You could even build a stylish bookshelf below the wall-mounted TV. In this case, you may want to have real books together with the fake ones to make an elegant book arrangement.

If you do it right, books will look classic, hide the cables hanging from a TV, and depending on what is holding the books, you can also hide the sockets. You could also have a similar effect by using pretty gift boxes and cut them behind to hide the cables.

In this video, Laci Jane teaches us how to create a secret stack of books on a budget to hide those ugly TV cables.

4. Wrap It Up

An original and cheap way to hide those ugly TV cables is to wrap them up in something. It can be paper, cloth, plastic wrap, or anything that blends well with the wall color and the rest of the room. Some people hang different kinds of lovely fabrics over the place where the wires are.

You can also use different colors of wraps to make it look attractive or cool. Just make sure you use safe materials, and avoid those that can heat up fast –you don’t want to cause a fire.

Felicia demonstrates how you can do this with canvas art for under $10 in the video below.

5. Fake Wall

Sometimes, homeowners want to hide cables behind the wall, but that task is really complicated, and you have to follow local code. Luckily, there is a way to do so without digging through the existing wall.

A similar option as the one above, a fake wall or wooden panel, is a more sophisticated solution and requires more DIY expertise.

You can take nice wooden boards and create a frame around the wall where the TV is mounted. Then leave about an inch of space between the real wall and the wooden panel to hide the cables.

To make this solution cheaper, you can use any boards, even plywood, and cover them with a nice wallpaper.

Zan solutions created a video showing an example of how you can do this for under $100. As I mentioned, this is not a DIY for everyone, as it requires clear measurements and patience.

6. Create an Artistic Expression

If you can’t hide the cables or don’t like the other solutions, you can create a piece of art with them.

In other words, you use the cables themselves as an artistic material and create designs with them.

If you are creative, you can wow your guests with an artistic piece. They will no longer see cables but original art.

One of the ideas is to wrap the cables with something green and paint or attach leaves or flowers around it on the wall. It will look like a beautiful tree. These solutions can be great for places where your children spend time.

You can use glitter or similar material. Same as with the previous solutions, if you are attaching something onto the cable, make sure it is safe.

This video show some examples of what you can do with a little bit of imagination.

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