What Is the Purpose of a Storm Door?

A storm door can be a great addition to your home. Despite the fact that they are called “storm” doors, protection from bad weather is not their only purpose. Having an additional outer door has many benefits.

Storm doors can be used as a convenient shield during rain. They are typically installed in front of an exterior door and used for ventilation and protection from insects. Interchangeable glass and window screen panels let light in and protect from bugs when needed. Additionally, it offers you a sense of security and provides additional insulation.

My wife and I have noticed that many houses in our neighborhood had glass doors in front of their regular doors. We had never seen this type of door before and wanted to learn about it.

If you are thinking about installing a storm door, read on to find out more about what they are used for and the benefits.

What Exactly Is a Storm Door?

Every home has a front door, and many homeowners consider it to be one of the main features in house design and decoration. A high-end, beautiful door can cost a bundle and make your home look amazing.

Quality doors are a security and insulation feature too. If you want to increase their lifespan and make them look as good as new for a long time, you could consider installing a storm door.

These doors are basically mounted over the main entrance door, as the outermost layer. The panels are transparent.

The see-through feature is there to let natural light in if you leave the main door open and to see through the front of your house. You can think of it as an extra big window you have when you want it.

Panels are usually interchangeable or retractable. And not all are made of glass. You can choose other materials too, and the final price also depends on it.

Quality made storm doors usually have three different layers. A front and rear layer and an additional one in the middle for insulation.

Materials used in frame construction can vary, but aluminum, wood, or PVC are often used. When it comes to the door type, you can choose between full view, retractable screen, and ventilating.

Storm doors have many benefits and can be used for various purposes. We’ll go over this next.

What Are Storm Doors Used For?

These doors are not used only as bad weather protection. Benefits are numerous, which is why most homeowners see them as a great addition to their homes.

Rain and Snow Protection

As the name suggests, a storm door will protect your main door from heavy rain, snow, hail, wind, and bad weather in general. All of these will cause some damage to your main door as time goes by. Protecting it from the outside is a good investment because storm doors are affordable, and panels can easily be changed when they get damaged.


When the weather is nice, we all like to let some air into our homes and enjoy it. Annoying bugs can ruin the party.

Having a storm door will enable you to get the fresh air in and keep the bugs out.

You may be thinking that there are cheaper and easier ways to get air in. And you are right, but a storm door has additional advantages.

Ability to See Outside

Some of us enjoy looking outside, perhaps seeing the neighbors walking in front of the house.

If you have small children or pets playing in the yard, the storm door will enable you to see them at all times through the closed door. It is an efficient and secure way to keep an eye on your kids.

Additional Protection

If you are concerned about your home safety, there are numerous ways to protect yourself—a storm door functions as an additional security layer. It is undoubtedly much better than leaving your front door wide open.

If a burglar tries to get in, breaking through the glass door will be easy, but very noisy. Burglars don’t like noise; they want to be inconspicuous. Although fragile, a storm door is an effective house protection.

When you are gone, if the two doors should are closed, it will be harder for potential burglars as it takes longer, and makes more noise. This additional protection could easily prevent a break-in and keep your home safe.

Insulation and Increased Energy Efficiency

Extra doors provide additional insulation and keep your house extra warm during winter. It makes the entrance more airtight.

The same goes for summer when your AC is on. You will save money on electricity in the long run, especially if your main door does not have excellent insulation properties.

Letting Natural Light In

If you open your main door, the storm door will enable sunlight to make your home brighter while keeping the annoying bugs outside. This is an excellent feature when you want to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

Curb Appeal

When we saw the houses in our neighborhood with storm doors, we thought they looked cute. They looked as “dressed up” front doors.

Besides, if you wish to sell it, this feature may slightly increase the house value. And your main entrance will remain damage-free longer.

Noise Reduction

Those who live in busy streets could benefit from a storm door. This outer layer helps keep noise outside, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. There are some disadvantages too:


Sometimes, having two doors can be a hassle. When you have a lot of groceries, opening two doors instead of one will be more complicated.

The same goes for people who frequently go in and out. Obviously, the more you use the door, the more of an inconvenience two doors will be.

Heat and Sun Damage

The glass panel over your front door may trap the sun’s ultraviolet rays, creating a greenhouse effect. It can keep the heat behind panels in front of your main door.

The heat and direct sunlight can cause damage to your front door, mostly the paint, so if your main entrance is under direct sunlight more than 2-3 hours a day, you may have to rethink whether to install a storm door.

Should I Install a Storm Door?

Well, this question has no simple answer. If you think that the two previously mentioned disadvantages can apply to you, then the answer may be no.

On the other hand, there are numerous benefits of having a storm door, and those who found at least one they like should benefit from a storm door.

If you decide to install one, make sure you choose a quality product made by a reputable manufacturer and choose a storm door type that fits your needs. Have them professionally installed and enjoy them as long as possible.

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